<div class="erm-title-wrapper">Gone are those days (Reminiscing school days)</div>

Gone are those days (Reminiscing school days)

Note: Events do not appear in chronological order. Do not judge the author as you cannot decipher at what point in his schooling a particular event took place. The author did not shy away from writing everything because he believes it would not look REAL if he hides something.
Writing this piece has bolstered the feeling in me that those days were the best and the happiest days of my life.
The fear-inducing sleep-breaking pronunciation of your name by your father
The unnecessary pull of a parental hand dragging you out of bed
Your cautious hand holding the biscuit half dipped in hot milk
The race against time to reach downstairs before the rickshawala arrives
The efforts to fit your long legs in the overcrowded rickshaw
Hearing the interesting stories people talked about in the journeys
Attending the morning assembly half asleep
Using colours to mark books of different subjects for instant identification
Keeping your lockers clean and tidy for quick retrieval
Searching for that one face of the Senior crush in the crowd while walking in line going to lunch
Collectively teasing one of your friends for no apparent reason
Trying to make someone laugh while the person is trying to drink water
Creating a Facebook account in hopes of chatting with your crush (same class wali, who will be referred to many times)
Preparing for the annual cultural festival for a carefree month
Celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day mainly for the sweets
Wondering if it’s possible to get a glimpse of girls in the swimming pool from the first-floor balcony
Spending time with that one teacher who liked to crack PJ’s and make us laugh
Receiving special treatment from that one teacher who has been impressed by your achievements
Reading the month’s breakfast and lunch menu on the notice board and looking forward to particular dates
Helping some needy people pass their tests by allowing them to copy
Counting the number of times you kicked the ball during the football match and comparing the stats with those of your best friend
Taking the help of your author aunt to make the best articles to be submitted in the yearly school magazine
Writing extremely detailed diaries which were supposed to mention what we studied in those periods but on careful observation, you could see many secret events were written instead
Listening to all teachers praise immensely about you in front of your parents on the results day
Receiving threats from your crush’s boyfriend to stay away from her
Asking highly inexperienced people tips on how to win your crush’s heart
Refusing to do homework when you felt a teacher was forcing unnecessary bull-work
Looking through the microscope in the biology lab and wondering cluelessly as to what are we supposed to see
Making full use of the library period for reading Mahabharata
Breaking records of the maximum number of helpings or maximum number of chapattis eaten in school
Completing your crush’s assignment because everything she says needs to be done at all costs
Devising ways to make your crush meet you and not realise that it was all planned
Expressing your interest in her in your own bizarre and highly repelling ways
Forcing that one talented friend to show his impersonations of various teachers
Pondering over the words of that one teacher who used to throw inspirational stuff in our direction
Begging the girls for help in the crafts period and enjoying the scolding by the Crafts Mam
Watching dad put covers on the new books at the start of the academic year
Writing tables till infinity leading to infinite rough books
Competing with your best friend for the coveted Best Student trophy
Spending the whole day at your best friend’s house playing cricket, talking and having meals as well
Witnessing the whole drama of close competition between the houses at the annual Athletic Meet
Feeling the adrenaline rush before the start of our dance performance on stage in the annual cultural festival
Missing out on a hat-trick in the first over at the inter-class cricket match
That one awkward friend who batted brilliantly (Was he Steve Smith?)
Explaining your dumb classmate that your academic excellence is obviously linked to circumcision
Earning full attendance certificates at the end of the academic session
That one friend who was highly rich and arrogant but had a wonderful voice we listened to in the music period
Being one of the very few people in the quiz club which comprised of memorising facts
Playing dumb charades in the quality circle period – last period of the 2 working Saturdays in a month
Getting lost at the Taj Mahal in the 4th standard on the school tour to Agra and crying outside it thinking how will I get to my home and then being dragged by my ear towards the rest of the students by one of the teachers who found me
Troubling people in the boys’ washroom who have intended peaceful urination which is too much to ask for
Preparing a whole speech to express to her your feelings in a telephonic conversation, sensing there is something fishy going on on the other side of the line and dropping the whole idea thereafter
NOT knowing what a Maria Sharapova’s skirt may lead to – getting introduced to something they say the internet is mainly comprised of
Crying for two days straight after knowing there would come a time when my parents would leave me and not come back
Being introduced to Dan Brown novels by your best friend
Carrying out your responsibilities as a board monitor with much seriousness
That one English teacher who was so excited about the language and literature (the positive energy starts affecting you in a good way)
Wishing you be close to her at least in the class photograph
That one crazy rumour that a girl in the class had a penis
Not being able to decide what should be gifted to a classmate on his birthday, so providing him with deodorants
That one teacher who liked to shout at students even though the situation didn’t demand so

The list is never-ending, so is the nostalgia.


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