<div class="erm-title-wrapper">Division Of The B.Tech 2019 Batch Into Two Groups At DA-IICT</div>

Division Of The B.Tech 2019 Batch Into Two Groups At DA-IICT

It has been observed in DA for the very first time that the first year batch of B.tech that commenced in 2019 has been divided into two parts as opposed to the tradition of keeping just one batch of all the freshers. But this was a kind of mandatory step as the batch size has increased tremendously this year as compared to last year. But every new step comes along with several benefits as well as its unwanted consequences. Same is the case with this decision too. There are many debatable opinions regarding this decision . We will discuss both the aspects one by one.

This is was actually a compelling step for the authorities as accommodation of this large batch every day is not a small thing. Although we have two lecture theaters i.e., LT2 AND LT3 that are quite capable of holding such a huge crowd as they had at the time of orientation and several combined classes, but this may not be possible every day as the B.Tech first year is not the only batch studying over here. There are other batches of M.Tech, Ph.D. as well as MSc IT and that too of different years. But the prime factor for separating the batches is to make sure that the interaction of students with their concerned subject instructors does not get reduced, as for a large batch sitting in a large classroom, the interaction of the last benchers with the instructors is quite less and only first benchers dominate in answering quizzes as well as asking doubts. But by dividing the batch of almost 380 students into a class size of two, this problem will be reduced to a great extent and due to small size of classrooms, the instructor will be able to have healthy discussions as well as the full participation of the class in quizzes and other activities will be efficiently achieved. This step will almost double the participation of students in quizzes as at the same time, quizzes will be going on in two different classes for the same interval. And for any university as well as the students, active participation of students in discussion and doubts solving is quite important. Understanding and grasping concepts for each and every student is very important.

Many times it happens that students are not able to understand a few topics covered in the class due to many reasons but one reason could be that he/she is not comfortable with the concerned instructor. In such cases to solve his doubts., he would have a choice of choosing among the two instructors and go with the one with whom he is comfortable. But on the other side if there is only one instructor for that course then students will have no option of going with someone else if he by chance is not comfortable with his instructor. This too is a major advantage of this division as many of the recognized colleges of India offer students a chance of preparing their own time table as well as choosing the instructors too. Because as long as a student chooses his professors, at the very least, he will not regret or complain about him/her later as it will be his own choice. Further, getting support of good faculties in college can drastically improve the career of a person because studying self-chosen subjects with self-chosen faculties is the best combination.

One more thing is that it is sometimes observed that in a large batch size, students sometimes show disrespect towards their instructors by insulting them or gossiping or even using their phones while sitting on the last benches of the class. Many cases are observed when the professor is harassed by some students sitting at the backbenches and the professor loses his calm, and eventually interest, in teaching and that ultimately creates an adverse effect on the entire batch sitting over there. But by dividing the batch into two groups, the guts of this people decreases with the fear of being caught in a smaller classroom. And if the professor is not ill treated or disturbed, then he will be able to give his best output and thus students will benefit more. Also by having two instructors for the same subject, the students can take benefit of experience of both as the lecture slides which are taught in the class are mostly common and are designed by the cumulative efforts of both the instructors. Hence, due to such reasons concerning academic well being of the students, it was necessary to segregate the batches into two groups so that students do not have to compromise with the prime thing for which they are in this college – which includes its name as one of the best colleges for its ICT (Information and Communication Technology) degree.

But as discussed earlier, there are few drawbacks of this step too. We cannot simply overlook them. Indeed one disadvantage overweighs the advantages. Being a fresher and a newcomer in the college, it is a will of almost every student for him to have interaction with maximum students of his batch. Because it is this healthy discussion and interaction only that helps them in getting close with each other and mingle among themselves. As our college has hostel stay, if an individual refrains from interacting with people and making good friends, he might face trouble and difficulties at many points or may even feel homesick or lonely. To overcome such situations it is necessary to have the company of good friends around us so that we can remain mentally fit. Because if a student starts feeling uncomfortable in hostels and campus then it is the starting point of his fall and he needs to overcome it as quickly as possible. It can be done in the best way by friends of our own batch only because they too would be facing the same kind of problems. But by dividing the batch into two parts, the interaction of one group with the other reduces to a great extent and many times even after passing a considerable time in college, he might not be able to recognize his own batch mates. Unfortunately, the division on lab groups is also such that students of the same class group are in the same lab group too. That`s not good as it is the lecture and lab hours only when the entire batch can be made to sit together excluding several fests and extracurriculars.

This ignorance towards half of our own BTech batch mates can greatly damage the entire college. This statement does not seem true at one glance but let us discuss how it works. We all know that the selection of the members of various committees in our college is done by the process of election by their own batchmates i.e only first-year students will vote for the candidates of the first year competing in the election. And being segregated into two batches, if people know only contestants of their group and are ignorant of the one of the other group then it is but obvious that he is going to cast his vote for the person he knows. So although the other contestant might be quite deserving, he will lose his votes just because of having less interaction with students of the other group. So this may end up with the selection of a wrong candidate, thereby destroying the quality of members of the committee. It removes the essence of elections during voting. But on the other side if there is only one batch of first-year students then they will know each candidate equally and there will be a fair voting. This is a crucial drawback of the segregation of the batches as the elected leader would be more interactive and maybe even biased towards his own group.

Thus this separation of the first year batch is not a completely fair step as it has come along with its own crucial advantages and disadvantages. And first year is the only time in which all can be made to study together as after the third semester, the batch is anyway going to get divided on the basis of ICT and CS.


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