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Vote for local representative vs Central representative

In a democratic country of 1.25 billion people, where elections are as important as festivals, understanding for what people vote is quite interesting.

Different people vote for different reasons. A businessman may vote a representative which may help him ease his business. But how? Will the representative help him by attracting new customers by developing the area in which the business is carried out or should the representative reduce tax on his products? In the first case, a local representative comes into play and in the second case, a central representative plays the role. So, to whom to vote for – Central or local representative?

Well, it depends on each person’s perception. In the 21st century modern India, media is so powerful that it plays a significant role in developing the perception of the entire country. However, it is seen that over the years, media only acknowledges the works, glories, blunders, and scams of the central government. Only the central representative is on the minds of people.

There is also a transition in the reading habits of newspaper readers in India. People are shifting towards national or nationwide newspapers like the Times of India and not local newspapers that signify local issues.

It is indeed true that a person, before casting his precious vote considers many factors like national security, international relations, economy, development of the cities, the 24 x 7 water and electricity supply, the economy, clean environment, market situation, etc. The important domains like national security, foreign reserves, international affairs, and diplomacy, etc are looked upon by central representative whereas daily and basic requirements are like water and electricity, food, peace and order in the locality, hygienic conditions ( We all know how dangerous dengue is :) ), is looked upon by local representative. So, now we know for what we are voting and whom to vote – the local or central representative.

But wait. The dirty politics and our corrupt system is present over here also. For instance, the people at the center do not pass on the funds to the local representative so that their government can’t function properly. It is a negative game played by the people in power at the center against the local representatives. Sometimes, the other way around is also true. The people at the local level don’t work efficiently and simply blame the central government baselessly.

So, when the mainstream media is biased towards the powerful politicians and rich industrialists, and the dirty politics played by politicians spread false and manipulative stories every other day, how to judge the person who is actually working for the welfare of people and is a deserving candidate for gaining people’s votes?. The only seemingly possible solution is by making people capable of deciding who is right and worthy by educating them in a way that they would make wise decisions by just looking at facts and arriving at conclusions after self-analysis of the situation and not getting swayed by false and baseless conclusions.


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