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Our mind is trapped in 3 dimensions namely length, breadth and height. However, scientists have mathematically proved SPACE TIME as the fourth dimension. Any way we can never experience it in the physical realm. Forgiving a general idea about space-time as the fourth dimension, I would like you to think about the time-lapse of Bombay traffic throughout the day or think about the view of the YouTube screen when you slide on the progress bar of a video swiftly. We can see that the motion of any object on the screen can not just be explained using the fundamental 3 parameters of positioning. Rather time is also a parameter to explain the motion of the objects. Hence if we had access to the fourth dimension that is space-time, we could have had the ability to alter space-time. Imagine what things we could have changed? There will be nothing such as Death. We could have met our young and old selves. We could have satisfied every curiosity in our minds related to the future or the past. We could have curbed 26/11 or the 9/11 attacks. We could have ceased the great fire of London and imagine what not? Now let us think about the fifth dimension. What would the fifth dimension be other than length, breadth, height and time?

Does a BLACK HOLE lead us to the fifth dimension?? I would like you to just think of a hole. You probably would be thinking of a black darkened circle but what if I ask you to think of a hole as a 3D object and not as a 2D picture. From that I mean a SPHERICAL HOLE, that may lead you to some other galaxy with the speed of light. These are just my imaginations or rather my perspective, I don’t claim them to be correct but I want you to think of all the possibilities outside 3D. I want you to enlarge your visualizing domain.

Do aliens travel with the speed of light?? Are aliens the beings of more than 3 dimensions?? We have seen in various fiction media that there exists a world the same as our Earth located at the exact same place where the actual one is but in the other dimension. Imagine if that world exists. Things in that world change as in this world but, can there be any human existence at that place?? Possible. What if those humans have the same faces and bodies as we do, but may have different characters?? Imagine every single person on the planet has a twin. Sounds funny, right? Precisely! Possibly there are infinitely many such worlds in this universe. The universe is believed to be consist of infinite dimensions.

What if yoga, to be exact, MEDITATION leads one to multiple dimensions?? Maybe in the ancient era, sages may have met the aliens or the humans from the future because the description of the war in Mahabharata is not more different than the modern-day nuclear war. Maybe that’s how scholars of the ancient era gathered knowledge of the past and the future? In fact, SURAT SHABD practice in Yoga is believed to separate the soul from the body, to make the practitioner perform a soul travel so as to meet the divine. How amazing that would be if you could perform soul travel and wake up next morning with every single information of the current, past and future happenings of the world or rather a universe? If you wished to go to Moon then that could be possible right now if you could perform soul travel. I just want you guys to think outside our natural domain. There is infinitely many times more to explore in this life than what we think we know.


The tendency of humans to acquire more knowledge is the driving force of every discovery. There are too many ‘WHAT IF?’s and ‘MAY BE’s in this article. If anyone of them is answered then that starts the beginning of a new era, a new hope towards life, another CURIOSITY….AND THAT IS WHEN THE STORY WILL ACTUALLY BEGIN!!



  1. Beautifully written!!
    It makes the readers widen their outlook..
    And try to discover the reality beyond today's illusions.. Good job.. Keep up the good work

  2. Vyom

    It feels so great to read an article about science and humans, about space-time and curiosity, about life and death. Keep writing such stuff! Would love to read something like this again.

  3. Ajinkya Matsawar 201601012

    Simply mind-boggling!
    I agree with you that humans should try to be more curious.

    • Ajinkya Matsawar 201601012

      Quoting Einstein,
      "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

    • BhavyaKedar

      Thank you for your appreciation!! It means a lot!! I believe that what is unknown today can be and will be discovered in future but until then stay curious!! Never stop questioning!!


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