Editorial 89

Editorial 89

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

As the semester progresses, and we see the ‘next sem phod denge’ enthusiasm inevitably leaving students’ as the routine drudgery gets tiring, there is one thing that keeps forging on with unchanging vigour and determination: the rains. And the rain, with no desire to stop anytime soon, brings with itself Dengue. In the Sherlock-esque mist almost constantly surrounding the campus with the fumes of never-stopping fumigations and Neem-leaf smoke, students continue to look for new ways to avoid the disease. Amongst reactions ranging from anger at the concerned authorities on failing to contain this epidemic and increased consumption of all sorts of mosquito repellents as a result of desperate attempts to avoid every single mosquito out there to complete indifference, the usual toil keeps going.

The campus was abuzz with discussions about the canceled fresher’s party as the LT round once again came under scrutiny in the light of a recent complaint. The Synapse committee organized a successful Youth Run that finally gave DA-IICT’s slumbering populace a reason to get out of their bed and break a sweat. The Sports committee persists in its attempts to look for more sponsors for Concours and free RedBull for the players (or so I hope) as the players continue to practice with more determination than ever. Team iFest gears up for the fest and can be seen working tirelessly. Tarang-the Garba night-was met with unprecedented enthusiasm rendering the claims of a ‘bigger and better’ Navratri true.

Outside of the DAIICT microcosm, the world continues to be a concoction of hope and despair. The felling of trees in Aarey forests in Mumbai took place despite resistance from stake-holders and it invoked strong reactions from celebrities and politicians. It served to start important conversations about what a country is to do when faced with a choice between infrastructure and preservation of nature. On the global scale, environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s calls for action against climate change are met with reactions ranging from suspicion, disdain and unconditional support. In a similar vein, this edition has an article about the UNCCD COP 14 held recently in New Delhi.

Despite ever-present deadlines, never-ending labs, taxing nights of Garba and the good ol’ Dengue, we are excited to present to you the 89th edition of Entelechy. In this edition, we have an author continuing to chronicle his visit to Germany in Food and Travel. In Sports, we have an author writing about the rivalry of the big three of tennis and the GOAT debate as well as an author talking about Steve Smith. In GNA, we have an article about Research Parks and an author debating whether one should base their votes on the local representative as opposed to the central representative. In Entertainment, we have reviews for the shows Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Kota Factory, Fleabag and Love, Death and Robots. We have an author’s interpretation of dimensions and curiosity in Random Noise and an author reminiscing about school days in Vuelo. We also have an author discussing the division of B.Tech 2019 batch in two groups and it’s implications that he experiences first-hand in Campus Clamour.

With the dreaded second in-semester exams right around the corner, we hope to give you exactly the entertaining distraction that you were looking for with this edition. So go on and dive into the 89th edition of Entelechy. Don’t forget to like or leave a comment (God knows a little validation helps!). We hope you have a good time.


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  1. KritiU

    Every time I read the editorial, its like coming back home - so much nostalgia and warmth. Good work guys. <3


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